Lock the doors and windows-something is out there and it's selling a lot of books. Like it or not, Stephen King has become America's space-age Poe, our favorite crypt-kicker. Test your wits . . .

1. Where was 10-year-old Stephen King when he first heard about Sputnik?A) Attending a Saturday matinee of "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers"; B) attending class in the USSR; C) touring NASA; D) skiing at a haunted resort.

2. What was King's first published book?

A) "Carrie"; B) "Dark Tower"; C) "It"; D) "Cycle of the Werewolf."

3. Of what book was "Second Coming" the original title?

A) "The Exorcist"; B) "Night Shift"; C) Salem's Lot"; D) Silver Bullet."

4. What word kept appearing to little Danny in "The Shining"?


5. In "The Stand," the bad survivors gathered in Las Vegas. Where did the good survivors congregate?

A) Malibu; B) Austin; C) Miami; D) Boulder.

6. Who starred in the film version of "The Dead Zone"?

A) Jeff Bridges; B) Christopher Walken; C) Matt Dillon; D) Bruce Willis.

7. In "Creepshow," what brought the old man out of the grave on "Father's Day"?

A) Rock music; B) a cake; C) spilled whiskey; D) a big dog.

8. How tall is Stephen King and for whom did he do that commercial?

A) 6-foot-2, Universal Pictures; B) 5-foot-7, Orville Redenbacher Popcorn; C) 6-foot-6, McDonalds; D) 6-foot-4, American Express.

9. What are "Roadwork," "Thinner," and "The Running Man"?

A) Stories from "Skeleton Crew"; B) books King wrote as Richard Bachman; C) movies from King books; D) King's book on aerobics.

10. What happens in "The Tommyknockers"?

A) Unearthing of an ancient spaceship wreaks havoc in Maine; B) blonde, blue-eyed alien children take over a small town in Maine; C) a 50-miilion-year-old pterodactyl east Maine; D) toylike spaceman terrorize Agnes Moorehead in rural Maine.


ANSWERS: 1-A; 2-A; 3-C; 4-B; 5-D; 6-B; 7-C; 8-D; 9-B; 10-A.