In the hope of developing a broader communication base with the Soviet Union, the Utah Committee for American-Soviet Relations was formed about five years ago. The committee has served as a liaison for the Utah community as a whole, in the dissemination of information about the Soviet Union to local residents.

The Utah group has mailed packets of information about Salt Lake City to a sister city in the Soviet Union - Ula Ude. Without direct response from the paired city, the committee began to change its focus from communicating with the Soviets to educating themselves and other Utahns about the Soviet Union. A number of forums and films have provided locals with information about the Russian culture, history, politics, language and foods.With the advent of the disarmament activity and the military contract industry in Utah, the committee is anxious to increase communications with the Soviets. The recent Soviet inspections of the industrial facilities at Hercules and Thiokol may result in additional visits to the state, or even some permanent residents. Increased information can only assist individuals in building a stronger communication base, people to people.

To increase this understanding, a recent community dinner offered Utahns an opportunity to taste and test the Russian cuisine. Under the direction of the Russian Food Festival Committee, a number of entrees were shared. The committee offers the recipes to the public, with the intent of increasing awareness of the Soviet culture.