Army has got the Navy's goats, in a "kid-napping" that broke a five-year truce between the service academies to not abduct each others mascots.

A group of seniors from the U.S. Military Academy staged a pre-dawn raid Sunday on a Navy-owned farm in Maryland, nabbing three of the U.S. Naval Academy's goats.The cadets told the Middletown Times-Herald Record they intend to keep the mascots at an undisclosed hideout until the Army-Navy football game on Dec. 2.

"They got all the goats," confirmed Naval Academy spokeswoman Karen Myers. "Bill the Goat 26, 28 and 29. We've filed charges with the Pentagon."

The charge is theft of goats, similar to a burglary complaint.

"We're not amused," said Myers, citing a no-nonsense policy forged by Army and Navy top brass to put an end to retaliatory mascot abductions - a tradition before the annual football game.

The agreement stipulates that the "kidnapping of cadets, midshipmen or mascots will not be tolerated." It was updated as recently as Oct. 10.

The cadets said the goat-napping was payback for the 1991 abduction by midshipmen of four Army mules. The midshipmen returned the mascots before kickoff.

The year before, Army thought it had stolen Navy's goat - but midshipmen anticipated the prank and hid the real mascot.