Five people were arrested and charged by Provo police during the weekend for illegal drug distribution and possession of marijuana. Thirty pounds of marijuana with a street value of $67,000 were confiscated.

Provo Police Chief Swen Nielsen said, "They appear to have been part of an illegal distribution scheme, but we don't know how extensive."Rex P. Taylor, 34, 4574 Windsor Drive, Provo, was arraigned for racketeering, felony possession and distribution of marijuana, and for violation of the marijuana tax act.

Vicki L. Tooke, 33, 4574 Windsor Drive, Provo, was arraigned on a felony charge of possession of marijuana. Bruce Mark Draper, 34, 1964 W. Fifth North, Provo, was arraigned on a charge of distribution of an illegal substance.

Jack E. Wilkinson, 33, 661 N. 970 West, Provo, and Mary D. Wright, 19, were both charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

All five were arraigned Monday in 4th Circuit Court.

"We have been working on this operation for the past month or two," Nielsen said. Several people had been under surveillance before the arrest.

Thirteen pounds of marijuana and $25,000 were confiscated from a truck, Nielsen said. A search warrant netted another 17 pounds and an undetermined amount of cash.