Patricia Matsumori, a senior at Jordan High School, has found a powerful way to remind people that science is a pervasive force in everyday life, that it can be found where it is least expected and that science can be fun.

She is among 50 winners announced recently by the New York Academy of Sciences in Dow Presents: The Art of Science, a national competition that challenges high school students to portray a scientific or technological concept or phenomenon through an original work of art.The competition is held annually in conjunction with National Science and Technology Week, April 23-29, and is sponsored by the Dow Chemical Co. and the National Science Foundation and is organized by the New York Academy of Sciences.

Matsumori, in describing her painting, entitled "Futuristic Anatomy," said "artificial organs, limbs and robotics seem destined to improve the plight of the handicapped, paralyzed and terminally ill."

"The robot doing the artwork in my composition has an appreciation for the great art of the past but cannot resist the opportunity to show the difference between future and past medicine. As he paints an enlarged dissection of the arm, he inserts technical writing.

"The idea of artistically sensitive machines, along with improved life through scientific discovery in the anatomical and biological fields, inspired my vision," she said.