Some people will see a foreign country only from the comfort of an air-conditioned tour bus. But Utah travelers with a penchant for service can spend two weeks in Egypt in June and participate in a humanitarian/intercultural project, meeting and working with Egyptians in their villages.

CHOICE, the Center for Humanitarian Outreach and Intercultural Exchange, is a non-profit organization founded by Timothy S. Evans, a Salt Lake dentist, in 1988. The group provides service opportunities in Third World countries. Filling the need for a short-term Peace Corps experience, CHOICE members have given two weeks of their time to assist villagers in Africa and South America.A "Village Needs Assessment Expedition" to Egypt is scheduled for June 11-25. There are several vacancies open to the public. Volunteers interested in a meaningful travel experience should contact Joel Kasparian at 322-0431 or 565-1376, or Scot Proctor at 582-7111.

The objective of the expedition is to strengthen local organizations so that ultimately the people can carry out their own development.

Volunteers will work in a village in the Nile Delta and in Upper Egypt, near the Valley of the Kings. Sightseeing tours will include the pyramids, the Temple of Karnak at Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and Cairo sites.

Overseeing the expedition will be the CHOICE board chairman James B. Mayfield. Mayfield is a professor in international development at the University of Utah.