The Garside Forecast (P.O. Box 1812, Santa Ana, CA 92702) was named Top Timer of the Year last year by Timer Digest. Garside is currently cautious on the short-term stock market but very bullish long-term. "Our Market Timing and Trend Indicator continues in a trading range, though with smaller swings. Our big-picture thesis of the past 18 months appears on course: a super cycle top in stocks, the end of a 1930-type recovery and now a topping economy."

- Lawrence Goldstein of Santa Monica Partners in New York City is a money manager who specializes in pink-sheet stocks, the 17,000 tiny issues few analysts follow. Last year Forbes asked Goldstein to name his favorites. The seven stocks he touted rose an average of 35 percent. So Forbes recently asked Goldstein for his current favorites. He picked the same seven stocks: Adrian Steel, B. Manischewitz, Thermo National Industries, Hayward Industries, Kiddie Products, William Carter Co., Sprouse-Reitz.- Takeover fever has hit the French stock market with a vengeance. Alan Kemp of Dunedin Fund Managers Ltd. in Edinburgh, Scotland, expects this trend to continue. "France has many companies in the consumer services industries which will see more rationalization as we move toward the removal of all EC tariffs in 1992." Kemp's favorite takeover targets: Carrefour, France's largest retailer; Comptoires Modernes, a hypermarket developer; and Perrier, the food concern.

- Despite the overall market's strength, there are still a few top blue chips with multiples below the general market's. Dow Theory Forecasts (7412 Calumet Ave., Hammond, Ind. 46324-2692) recently recommended four that have single-digit price-earnings ratios despite outstanding earnings growth: Amoco ("strong profits in soft energy sector"), Dow Chemical ("record earnings last six quarters"), GM ("should lead market in any rally") and International Paper ("experiencing healthy industry pricing and demand").

- The upswing in interest rates will continue over the next six months, according to a poll conducted by the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, a Denver-based national professional association representing 7,500 members. Nearly 80 percent of poll respondents predicted rates will continue edging up until September, yet 52 percent felt that the trend would reverse itself by March 1990 when rates would head down.

- The average stock mutual fund gained 14.9 percent last year. Yet the 10 top-performing no-load funds all gained more than 30 percent. The 10: Kaufmann Fund (up 58.6 percent), Columbia Special (up 42.5 percent), Gabelli Growth (up 39.1 percent), Fidelity Select Retail (up 38.7 percent), Fidelity Select Transportation (up 38.7 percent), Harbor International (up 37.7 percent), Fidelity Capital Appreciation (up 37.6 percent), Gintel Capital Appreciation (up 35.6 percent), Baron Asset (up 34.4 percent), Babson Enterprise (up 32.5 percent).

- Over the past 20 years rare coins have been the best investment of all, rising an average 15.1 percent annually. David Hall, author of "The Mercenary's Guide to the Rare Coin Market," expects this trend to continue. "We are at the beginning of what may turn out to be the biggest bull market in numismatic history." Hall's favorite "inexpensive rarities" for 1989: 1937 buffalo nickel ($74 in MS65), 1938-D buffalo nickel ($79 in MS69), Mercury dimes ($69 in MS65FB), Mercury dimes ($135 in MS66FB), proof Franklin half-dollars ($39 in PR65).

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