A New York woman, convicted of kidnapping her 80-year-old husband in Utah in 1987, made an emotional appeal Friday in the State Court of Appeals to overturn her subsequent divorce to the same man.

Ann Gross Taylor, 58, told the three-judge panel that John Max Taylor, Provo, was incompetent due to Alzheimer's disease and other medical problems and was being held "a virtual prisoner in his sister's house" when the divorce was awarded."You see before you a woman in love," she said. "John Taylor and I have been happily married almost 25 years," and will remain married "through all eternity."

On July 16, 1987, John Taylor was abducted from a Provo parking lot and taken to Fort Collins, Colo., where he was held two days and returned unharmed.

Ann Taylor and six accomplices were charged with the abduction in 4th District Court. She was convicted of second-degree kidnapping by a jury and sentenced Sept. 14, 1988, to three years unsupervised probation.

The woman discharged her attorney, George H. Mortimer, at the appellate court hearing and spoke in her own behalf, carrying a large pile of legal documents and notes.

"Please right the wrongs that were heaped on John Taylor," she pleaded. "He has no joy in his life, no love." She told the court her former husband had never signed the divorce decree, and that the kidnapping conviction was "unfair" because the jury members were from Provo and were not sequestered.

"There was no kidnapping, Your Honor. There was a honeymoon," she said. "I did not hold him against his will."

Wayne Watson, attorney for the husband, said the district court had not erred in finding him competent during various hearings and in granting the divorce.

"Mr. John Taylor was a competent individual who simply wanted a divorce from a domineering woman," Watson argued.

The former husband was not at the hearing Friday, although some family members attended. The justices took the motion under advisement.