A new attachment agreement guaranteeing continued cable television service to Kaysville has been ratified by the city council, ending a two-month battle between the city's power company and cable TV franchise.

The council on Feb. 16 gave Wasatch Community Television 30 days to remove its equipment from the city, citing numerous violations of its franchise agreement.Walt Meacham, supervisor of the city-owned power company, said the cable firm was stringing wire and attaching hookups to the city's power poles illegally and that he could get no cooperation from the cable firm or its parent company, TCI.

At his urging, the council invoked a 30-day clause in the franchise revoking the company's right to use city power poles and giving it a month to remove its equipment already on the poles. The council did not revoke TCI's right to supply cable service, Meacham said, only its right to use city-owned power poles.

The move served to get the attention of the cable firm, Meacham reported to the council a month later, and negotiations to renew the attachment clause were proceeding smoothly in March, he said.

Last week, the council approved a new agreement raising the fee for attaching cable to the city's poles and setting up an audit fund to pay for city workers to inspect the system.

Meacham told the council that new management in Wasatch Community Television, the subsidiary of TCI that serves Davis County, is helping to improve relations between Kaysville and the company.

The contract approved by the council contains some minor changes from the one proposed by the city, according to City Administrator John Thacker, and one big change. Instead of the $1-per-pole fee proposed by Kaysville to pay for inspecting the system, a flat annual fee will be negotiated, he said.

The city's proposal includes raising the attachment fee per pole from $4 to $4.65 per year, which a TCI spokesman said is in line with fees the cable firm pays to other utilities.

TCI representative Tim Bork apologized to the council for past problems between the cable firm and the city, saying a good relationship has now been established and will continue in the future.