Seventh- and 8th-grade students in the Davis School District will be paying more to register for school in the fall.

Acting on a new state law that allows charging fees for those grades, the Davis Board of Education has approved a new fee schedule for junior high school students. The board also approved some adjustments in fees for the ninth grade and for some sports participation fees on the high school level.State law formerly allowed fees to be charged only from the ninth grade up.

The junior-high fees include $20 for textbook rentals for all three grades (the ninth grade formerly paid $27), $5 for the activity fee and $5 for the annual yearbook for a total of $29. Still under consideration is the athletic fees that might apply for team participation.

At the high school level, the fees for cross country, tennis and golf went from $15 to $25. The maximum cheerleader and drill team fees were reduced from $500 to $450. That includes all associated expenses including the cost of uniforms, travel and competitions.

Superintendent Richard Kendell said other fee adjustments are likely and will be discussed by the board later this month.

In a related matter affecting junior highs, the board approved a policy that would allow ninth-grade students to participate on high school golf, tennis, cross country, swimming and gymnastics teams.

Parents would be responsible for all transportation needs associated with practices for the participation. The students would also be required to pay the high school participation fee for those sports.

Jim Hill, physical education curriculum supervisor, said a number of students want to participate in these sports but they are not offered on the junior high level. He noted that most of the districts with which Davis schools compete also allow ninth-grade participation in these sports.

Hill said there are still some administrative concerns to address but is confident the final policy will meet those concerns.