Six researchers at LDS Hospital recently received more than $240,000 in grants to fund their investigations. They include:

-Dr. R. Scott Evans, $190,968 from the National Center for Health Services Research, for "Clinical Applications of an Expert System." The study is focused on demonstrating the capabilities of a hospital information system for improving methods of data collection and quality of patient care.-Jay H. Greenwood, $19,364.50 for his study "Evaluation of the Cell Cycle and DNA Damage Repair in Myelodysplastic Syndrome."

-Dr. Harrison M. Lazarus, $10,090 for his investigation, "Intravascular Grafting Device."

-Dennis L. Parker, $100,000 for his project, "Biphasic Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Start-up."

-C. Terry Warnick, $9,985 for his study into "The Interaction of Cyclophosphamide and Irradiation."

-John F. Carlquist, $6,950 for his project, "Human Lymphocyte Antigen Typing in Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy: A Search for Genetic Factors."