Everyone can share in the excitement of Weber State College's centennial year, says Dr. Stephen D. Nadauld, the school's president.

"We at Weber State College can raise our heads proudly and be seen across the United States and internationally," Nadauld said during his keynote address for the recent Founders Day luncheon.The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum has invited Nadauld to bring a replica of WSC's NUSAT satellite, along with the equipment used to build it, for permanent display in the museum in Washington, D.C.

"The Smithsonian called and said, `You are the only college to have flown a satellite, and we want it,' " Nadauld said. "What an honor. We can raise our heads proudly."

Nadauld commended the school's faculty, who he said are constantly trying to find new ways to bring the community into the college. He cited a recent arrangement the school has made with General Motors and Parker-Hanneflin, along with the recent visit of author of Ray Bradbury.

Founders Day activities included the dedication of the George S. and Dolores Eccles Nursing Arts Laboratory. "We are state of the art," Nadauld said. "The best nursing training in the United States is right here at WSC."

The lab features lifelike mannequins and up-to-date critical care equipment.

Following the dedication ceremony, students demonstrated the features of the lab to members of the community. Tracy Walpole, a student nurse, demonstrated how to clean post-operative incisions for a "patient."

Another student nurse demonstrated how to care for a tracheostomy patient, while a group of student nurses practiced putting intravenous needles into a mannequin arm, complete with lifelike blood.

Dr. Leola Davidson was awarded a plaque for her years of service to WSC. Davidson was associate dean of allied health from 1979 to 1987. She served as chairman of the WSC nursing department for 10 years and has taught at the college since 1955.

While at WSC, Davidson designed and implemented three cooperative and associate degree nursing programs in the state, as well as a career ladder program to help licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses. The outreach programs Davidson designed operate at Utah State University, Salt Lake Community College and Southern Utah State College. She has presented professional workshops throughout the nation.

Other Founders Day activities included a 5K marathon and a celebrity volleyball game that pitted Nadauld and former Utah Gov. Scott M. Matheson against the WSC volleyball team.