Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis trotted down State Street at 8:15 a.m. Monday with his satchel over a shoulder, a box of junk in one hand and a Salt Lake Trappers baseball bat and Jazz basketball under another arm.

"Can't forget the Trapps and the Jazz," he said, crossing Fourth South Street and stepping onto the grounds of his new digs, the renovated City-County Building, which opened Monday for official city business.Inside the 95-year-old building, workers from three city offices answered phones in offices still cluttered with debris left after the move late Sunday night from temporary City Hall, 324 S. State St.

As DePaulis surveyed his office's new reception area cluttered with shelving and phone wire, things were a little hectic.

"But only temporarily," DePaulis said, "just until we get settled in.

"It will require a little patience because it's going to be a little chaotic, today at least," he added. But by mid-week DePaulis said the people's business will be running smoothly.

Down the third-floor hallway in City Council offices, Executive Director Cindy Gust-Jenson took an early-morning phone call at her desk still stacked with cardboard boxes. Gust-Jenson, however, said their move was painless.

"We're missing one box, that's all, and we'll probably find that soon," she said.

Elsewhere in the City-County Building, stray tourists who missed the three-day celebration of the building's reopening milled around viewing the historical displays that were still standing.

Offices of the mayor, City Council, city attorney, community affairs, public works and administrative services are the only offices moving this week into the building.

Next weekend the Finance Department and the building permit counter moves in, while the Human Resource Management Department and city recorder's offices will begin the move May 20, said restoration head Phil Erickson.

Tens of thousands of visitors toured the building this weekend, but officials said the building and grounds suffered no significant damage.