An Orem woman says she was rich for a month and didn't know it. But bank officials say she wasn't even rich for a second.

Cauleen Spencer, 27, an Orem housewife, figured she would get about $2 when she closed her checking account at an Orem bank this week. She told the teller she would take it in cash. She said the teller was concerned about giving her that much currency."Then she told me I had $49,000 in my account."

Spencer said she told the teller it was a mistake, then waited for the next 11/2 hours while bank officials tried to trace the money and return it to its rightful owner. They called Texas and other parts of the country, according to Spencer.

"Then they charged me $5 for overdraft fees," she said.

"It never crossed my mind that I should have taken the money, at least not until they made me wait for 90 minutes, then charged me $5."

Spencer said the teller told her the money had been in the account for a month. But Spencer said she would never even see the interest.

One bank official said Spencer dreamed the whole thing. She said there is no account, savings or checking, with Spencer's name on it.

"We have been researching this since this morning," said the official, who would not identify herself. "We cannot find the name in our files, and we cannot find anyone who remembers an incident yesterday."

A second official who would not identify herself said Spencer had closed a checking account but had never had $49,000 in it.

A third official who would not identify herself said there was a mistake in Spencer's account, but not one involving extra money. She would not discuss the nature of the error.

"I am not going to discuss bank procedures with you, and I don't know why the teller discussed it with her (Spencer)."

Spencer said it doesn't matter anyway. She is changing banks.

She said she is $5 poorer, but at least she has her memories of fleeting wealth.