With her amazing TV track record - including three long-running comedy series - we naturally think of Lucille Ball as a television actress. In fact in a career spanning 41 years, she appeared in more than 70 theatrical films, beginning in 1933 as a Goldwyn Girl. Below are some questions on that aspect of her work, as well as a few from her radio and TV days and non-screen career. - W.S.G.

1. In theatrical films, Ball's most frequent male co-star was: (a) Bob Hope, (b) Desi Arnaz, (c) Red Skelton, (d) Eddie Cantor.2. Can you name the three pictures she made with Arnaz?

3. Remarkably she also appeared in three of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musicals (though sometimes you had to look fast). Can you name them?

4. Her most frequent television series co-star was not Vivian Vance but veteran radio-and-TV character actor Gale Gordon. So much of a veteran, in fact, that can you name the long-running radio series in which they appeared together?

5. Eventually her success in "I Love Lucy" led to Desilu's purchase of the very studio where she had labored so many years as a contract player. Can you name it?

6. In one of her MGM films she played a movie star who gets invited to a military school - a movie star named Lucille Ball. Can you name the film?

7. It's not often recalled but at one point in her career she introduced a hit song, not in any of her films or TV series but in her one Broadway musical. Can you name both the song and the show?

8. As it happens, her final big-screen appearance was in the film version of another Broadway musical. Can you name it?

9. Still, it is not as a singer but as a comedian that she will be remembered - something apparent (though not to everyone) even in her early pictures. For example, can you name the films in which she appeared as a comic foil to (a) the Marx Brothers, (b) Abbott and Costello, (c) Kay Kyser, (d) Fibber McGee and Molly.

10. Were that not enough, for years she and her second husband, Gary Morton, were next-door neighbors of one of the best-loved comedians in Hollywood. Was it (a) Bob Hope, (b) Milton Berle, (c) Red Skelton or (d) Jack Benny?

Here are the answers to today's Screen Test:

1. (a), with four films together; 2. Too Many Girls (the picture they met on); The Long, Long Trailer; Forever Darling; 3. Roberta; Top Hat (one line with her back to the camera); Follow the Fleet; 4. My Favorite Husband; 5. RKO; 6. Best Foot Forward; 7. (a) "Hey, Look Me Over"; (b) Wildcat; 8. Mame; 9. (a) Room Service; (b) Abbott and Costello in Hollywood; (c) That's Right - You're Wrong; (d) Look Who's Laughing; 10. (d) - and you thought he lived next door to Ronald Colman.