A calendar for Alpine School District's 1990-91 school year has been approved, despite protest from one board member who said the district should align its spring vacation with that of other districts in Utah County.

During a meeting Tuesday, board member Linda Campbell dissented in a 4-1 vote to approve the calendar, because she believes spring break, which is scheduled at the end of April, is too late in the year. Students should get their vacation closer to Easter.Campbell said many Alpine employees and students have family members working or attending school in the Provo School District. Provo's spring vacation is traditionally scheduled close to Easter, and it is inconvenient for those families to work with two different schedules.

An informal poll was taken among Alpine District employees and parent representatives, and Superintendent Clark Cox said there was no consensus about when spring vacation should be scheduled.

Most teachers wanted the vacation to coincide with Provo's, parents were split on the issue and and most principals had no preference.

"As usual, you'll find no consensus in the development of the calendar," Cox said.

Campbell's motion to amend Alpine's calendar, which was developed by a committee of patrons and district officials, was voted down 3-2 before the board approved the calendar as it was.

Cox said the district makes up its calendar three years in advance so employees and patrons have time to make plans. The calendar can be amended before or during a current year, however.

The 1990-91 school year will begin Aug. 29 and conclude May 31. Holidays included on the calendar are: Labor Day, UEA Convention, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Presidents' Day, spring vacation and Memorial Day.