A party for its employees Friday began the 20th anniversary celebration of Radix Corp., the Salt Lake-based company that produces environmental hand-held microcomput-ers and portable printers.

Steven L. Raemer, vice president of marketing and sales, said part of the anniversary is the purchase of a 58,000-square-foot building at the Salt Lake International Center where the company's four divisions, marketing and sales, research and development, technical operations and finance, will be housed. The building will be remodeled.Radix, best known for developing and manufacturing hardware and software for automated meter reading and parking enforcement systems, was started in 1969 by Alan Reed, who still serves as president. Of the 230 employees the company has in the U.S., Canada and England, about 150 are located at the corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City.

The company initially was involved in contract software programming for Sperry Univac Corp., but eventually developed and manufactured the route management system, an automated meter reading system that allows utility meter readers to enter data into a hand-held microcomputer that later is downloaded to a personal computer.

Radix recently added the TicketMaster system to its product line. It allows parking enforcement officials to collect information and print legible, weatherproof tickets using a hand-held microcomputer and portable printer. The system eliminates the cumbersome and time consuming process of manually writing tickets and entering citation data into a computer, said Raemer.