The committee that is scoping out northern Utah as a possible host site for the 1998 Winter Olympics took a helicopter tour of the area Saturday and has plans to meet Sunday to discuss Salt Lake's bid to get the games.

The seven-member United States Olympic Committee Site Selection Committee saw Snow Basin Resort near Ogden, Weber State College, Park City, Park West and Deer Valley, said Jill Remington, Mayor Palmer DePaulis' liaison to the Salt Lake Winter Games Organizing Committee."They're in town inspecting all our sites as proposed venues," said Remington, who accompanied the committee on its tour.

The all-day tour included stops at the proposed luge, bobsled and ski jumping sites in Summit County and the cross-country course near Mountain Dell, she said.

The committee, which arrived in Salt Lake on Friday night from a tour of Anchorage, Alaska, also saw the facilities at Weber State College and the University of Utah.

"Today's gone really well for them," said Remington, adding that the committee members were tired from their travels.

Salt Lake is competing against Anchorage, Denver, Reno-Lake Tahoe and Klamath Falls, Ore., to host the games that organizers say will bring up to a billion dollars into the Utah economy and give the state a big draw in attracting future tourists.

Utah has worked for about five years to attract the Winter Games and lost out to Anchorage in a previous bid to host the Olympics.

Remington said about three committee members are very familiar with Salt Lake and its attractions.

The committee will recommend next month which U.S. city will be "America's Choice" to host the games. "They will probably make a recommendation on who that site will be in June."

Committee members will have brunch Sunday morning at Symphony Hall. Gov. Norm Bangerter will attend.