Tree City USA - also known as Provo - is living up to its name.

Sixty trees were planted in Provo this week, many along Ninth East, to commemorate Arbor Day and many more will be planted in the future, Mayor Joe Jenkins said at a Friday ceremony.Provo is known as Tree City because hundreds of trees are planted every year. Planting trees is one of residents' favorite pastimes, he said.

Students from Joaquin Elementary School were invited to participate in the the ceremony, held on the steps of the city's new library.

The school's choir performed several numbers and Arbor Day essay and poster winners shared their work and received booklets about trees from the city's Urban Forestry and Beautification Commission.

Following the presentation, city officials and students planted a tree outside the library. Joaquin students also planted a large maple tree on their school grounds and buried a time capsule with it.

Each student donated 25 cents toward buying the tree. With $100 from the students, the faculty and school PTA contributed another $100 each to buy the tree, said Lisa Fairclough, Joaquin public affairs specialist.

Neil Frishknecht, chairman of the Urban Forestry and Beautification Commission, reminded students of the stewardship they now have over the tree.

Norma Elliott, also a beautification commission member, said, "This is the week and month that we should pay special attention to beautification. Pick up litter and don't be a litter bug."

Essay winners were Rachel Kirk, Vance Taylor and Suzi Workman. Poster contest winners were Amy Kamoe, Gary Olson and Sally Baker.