Attorneys representing Kennecott Corp. have filed a lawsuit to block development of a proposed Oquirrh Mountain ski resort straddling the Tooele-Salt Lake county line.

The suit caused the Salt Lake County Planning Commission to delay preliminary approval of a 20-lot residential subdivision on property proposed for development as Snow Peak ski resort.Developer Haynco, headed by retired surgeon Howard H. Haynes Jr., proposes to build luxury cabins on the lots in Harkers Canyon at about 67nd S. 84th West as the first phase of Snow Peak development.

Haynco plans to eventually develop a four-lift ski area on 9,300-foot Nelson Ridge between Salt Lake and Tooele counties.

But Kennecott opposes the resort as incompatible with its nearby mining operation. The 3rd District Court suit names Haynes, Haynco and several of their associates and agents as defendants.

The copper giant claims Harkers Canyon Road, the only vehicular access to the Haynco property, is a private roadway across Kennecott land.

The company has historically allowed Haynes and Haynco to use the road to gain access to their property. But Kennecott will not grant permission for Haynco to use the road for access to a ski resort, the suit says.

Kennecott is seeking a court declaration setting forth clear access rights relating to the road and injunctions against Haynco's trespassing on Kennecott property and using the road to develop a ski resort.

The company also seeks unspecified actual and punitive damages resulting from Haynco trespassing.

"Kennecott's action is no surprise. It's part of the harassment we've been undergoing for years," Haynes said. "We used that road before Kennecott ever came to Utah, and it's been in use for 100 years."