The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will not oppose Salt Lake County's plans to build a minimum security jail on the Jordan River at about 32nd South and 12th West, the division's director says.

Following a recent attempt by jail opponents to enlist the division's support, DWR director Timothy Provan clarified his concerns about the jail's potential impacts on wildlife habitat and flooding."It is our impression that protective measures are feasible and can be incorporated in project planning," Provan said in a letter to County Attorney David Yocom. "If this is done, we will have no objection to the proposed project."

Yocom had asked Provan to clarify the division's position after a DWR employee supported claims of South Salt Lake residents who are fighting the county's bid to build a facility for low-risk prisoners in their neighborhood.

Mike Schwinn, a DWR analyst, had said that jail construction would damage fish and wildlife habitat and increase flood potential.

The county has called a May 23 election to allow voters to decide whether $12 million in general obligation bonds can be issued to fund jail construction.