A plan to open an Adult Probation and Parole office next to Millcreek Elementary School will likely be scrapped because of neighborhood opposition, an official of the Utah Department of Corrections said Friday.

"We were aware the school was there. We didn't think that would be a problem," said Gary Ogilvie, assistant regional administrator for the Salt Lake Adult Probation and Parole office."After all, people don't speed with a Utah Highway Patrol officer behind them. And with an agent right there, we don't have parolees committing violations of the law."

Calls from residents in the area of the school at 3761 S. 11th East who aren't convinced the office wouldn't attract crime, have resulted in the Corrections Department reevaluating a decision to rent the office.

Ogilvie said the executive director of the Corrections Department, Gary DeLand, will meet with Gov. Norm Bangerter Monday to discuss other alternatives for relocating the Salt Lake office.

The Adult Probation and Parole agents, administrators and other staff serving Salt Lake, Tooele and Summit counties have outgrown their 431 S. Third East office, Ogilvie said.