Brigham Young never attended a day of college, but he graduated Friday for the third time from the university bearing his name.

To accomplish this feat, the famous Brigham Young had a little help from less-renowned relatives - and this time the help came from Brigham Young VI, his great-great-great-grandson.Brigham VI, 40, received his master's degree at the 114th annual commencement of Brigham Young University.

The genealogy goes like this. Brigham Young Sr.'s first son was named Joseph, after the Prophet Joseph Smith, but he named his second son after himself. From that time on, the name was passed on from father to first son.

Of course Brigham VI's first son is Brigham Young VII, with Brigham VII's grandfather being Brigham Young V. Just to keep things straight, Brigham VI goes by Brig and his son goes by B.J.

Are you still confused? So am I, but let's go on.

Fearing that his illustrious ancestor would turn over in his grave, Brigham VI said he went by Spencer, his middle name, during his youth when he was more of a hellion.

"I always felt the name Brigham Young carried with it responsibility. That's why I didn't go by it until shortly before I was married," he said. "Hopefully I was mature enough to go by the name and take the responsibility that went with it.

"I'm proud of my heritage, but I don't like to make people think I'm above them in any way. I like to point out that they can look back and find a lot to be proud of."

Tradition carries over in the decoration of the Young home in Orem as well. "Our home is the Brigham Young Orem home," he said. "It is something we always wanted to do."

Fashioned after the Beehive house, Brigham's historic home in Salt Lake, the Brig Youngs live in an older cream color home built in 1912, with white picket fences and green shutters.

If you think it's all rosy having the name Brigham, think twice, his wife Julie said. "Try having your utilities turned on. Sometimes people are suspicious."

Even though the name causes some confusion at times, Brig Young says it has been a fun name to have. "It's always easy to strike up a conversation. I think it's kind of amusing when I cash a check and people say, `I guess I shouldn't need any identification.' "

Sometimes he'll make a phone call and give his name and get the response, "sure, and I'm Davey Crockett," or some other famous name. "It takes a while to convince some people. They want to make sure I'm not pulling a prank."

Being Brig's wife fuels comments for Julie as well. "Some people ask me which wife I am."

Most of the Brigham Youngs have followed after their namesake in personality - being gregarious, enterprising, charismatic and even a little controversial - but Brig said he is more reserved and sensitive.

Physically, Brig resembles the prophet only in height. His hair is dark, while Brigham's was brown, and his eyes are brown while Brigham's were blue.

Brig Young received a master's degree in social work Friday, and the Youngs will soon be moving to Cedar City where he has accepted a job with state Social Services.

Eventually they hope to fix up another home like Brigham's. After all, it is his home, isn't it?