The wife of the USS Vincennes skipper, who lost her teaching job after a suspected terrorist bombing, said Friday she has accepted a financial settlement from the school in exchange for her resignation.

After weeks of negotiations between lawyers for Sharon Rogers and private La Jolla Country Day School, the school agreed to pay her $135,000 for her resignation, effective Aug. 31 when her contract expires."Many people have asked me if I am angry at the way I have been treated by the school. I may say that over the past weeks I have felt many different emotions, but today I am simply disappointed. More disappointed than I can possibly express," she said.

"I feel very sad for our country," Mrs. Rogers told a news conference also attended by her husband, USS Vincennes skipper Capt. Will C. Rogers III, and guarded by a dozen plainclothes security agents.

Mrs. Rogers, 50, escaped injury March 10 when a pipe bomb exploded beneath her van as she drove to school. The attack is under investigation as possible retaliation for the Vincennes' downing last July 3 of an Iranian airliner in the Persian Gulf. All 290 people aboard the plane died.

On March 16, while she and Rogers were under protective seclusion, school officials told Mrs. Rogers that she couldn't return to campus because of concerns over safety.

Bernie Fipp, president of the school's board of trustees, said in a letter, "The reason Sharon will not be returning to teach is because the school and Sharon were unable to determine the level of risk her presence may pose to the children and faculty."

The $135,000 settlement and $5,000 in attorney fees were approved Friday by trustees in recognition of her "long-term relationship with the school," Fipp said, adding that they recognize her "difficult situation."