President Bush, wrapping up his first 100 days in office, poked fun at himself Saturday in a speech to some of his toughest critics - the White House press corps.

"At the first debate, they asked Dan Quayle, `What would be the first thing you would do as president?' " Bush recalled. "Cheer up Dan, they are still asking me," he said, drawing sustained laughter from the black-tie crowd."I'm going to give you a scoop tonight," said Bush. "My first nominee to the Supreme Court will be John Tower. What we need is a little justice."

Bush was introduced at the 75th Annual Dinner of the White House Correspondents Association by the group's outgoing president, Jeremiah O'Leary of The Washington Times.

"This man has not been particularly kind or gentle with the press corps," O'Leary began, referring to Bush's long hours and often hop-scotching schedule that keep journalists running.

"Some reporters think he is far too accessible. At any time, he might invite you to join him on a three-mile jog, pitching horse shoes or ask you to come see the puppies."

Bush will mark Sunday, his 100th full day in office, on a more serious note - a trip to New York to participate in the 200th anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington.

Public opinion polls have shown Bush enjoying an approval rating of upwards of 60 percent. But a nationwide survey released Friday by the Los Angeles Times showed Americans giving him a "C" for his first three months work.

Just 13 percent of the 2,160 people questioned said Bush had gotten off to a strong start, while 34 percent said "he wants to do the right thing" and 50 percent said, "Give him a chance."