Fourteen British soccer fans were convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced Friday to three years in prison for their roles in the 1985 riot that killed 39 people at Heysel Stadium.

The fans, all from Liverpool, also were ordered to each pay fines of $1,538. Eleven other fans were acquitted.The three-judge panel that rendered Friday's verdicts suspended 11/2 years of each sentence of the convicted fans, and defense lawyers said those convicted probably will not have to spend more than a year in jail.

All had been jailed for about three months following their extraditions.

After the disaster, English soccer clubs, such as Liverpool and Manchester United, were banned from European competition. The ban did not affect England's national teams, which still can compete for the European Cup and the World Cup.

In other verdicts, Albert Roosens, the former Belgian Soccer Federation chairman, was given a six-month suspended sentence for negligence and poor organization of the soccer match.

A senior police officer, Johan Mahieu, received a nine-month suspended sentence for grave omissions of duty.

Five officials were held blameless in the disaster.