Jurors in Oliver North's trial resumed deliberations Friday, the seventh day they have been considering 12 criminal charges against the former White House aide in the Iran-Contra affair.

North made a quick trip to Cincinnati to speak Thursday night to an invitation-only audience at the Bankers Club and then returned to Washington to await his fate.The former National Security Council staffer spoke about traditional values and received a standing ovation from his audience, according to Bankers Club members who heard his speech.

Steven Doherty, an Ohio State sophomore from Cincinnati, said North spoke highly of the Bankers Club's next scheduled guest - former President Reagan - who will speak to the group in September.

An anti-Contra group picketed outside the club before the speech.

"We don't care whether North sees us or not," said Roy Silver, organizer for the Central American Task Force. "We're demonstrating against the Bankers (Club) for giving him $25,000 while there are homeless people in this city sleeping on the streets."

The Bankers Club refused to say how much North was being paid for his speech.

"You're all a bunch of pro-communists," shouted a well-dressed businessman at the demonstrators. "I'm just a pedestrian," said the man as he took two flyers from a demonstrator and tore them into pieces. He declined to identify himself.

There was no indication of whether jurors were nearing a verdict. There have been no notes from the jury since Monday, when a nurse was sent in to check a panel member's blood pressure.