Students jubilant over the success of their defiant march through Beijing prepared Friday for talks with the government and rejected a demand that they negotiate only through official student groups.

Beijing universities were quiet Friday after a 15-hour march the day before by tens of thousands of students, the latest and biggest of a series of pro-democracy protests that have been held almost daily since April 15.During the 20-mile march, students pushed through police lines to carry their pro-democracy message to cheering bystanders. Many workers and other students joined the march to Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

On Friday, leaders of the student uprising vowed to continue their 5-day-old boycott of classes at least until May 4, the 70th anniversary of China's first student demontrations for democracy.

"People are very tired, but their resolve has not been weakened," said a young woman activist at Beijing University. Student protest leaders there were writing wall posters announcing their decision to continue the boycott and "not waver until victory."

Many students were elated over the success of the march. "Victory belongs to the people," declared one poster at Beijing University.