Military and civilian employees from the Department of Defense will join local, state and other federal agencies in a salute to the public employees during Public Service Recognition Week, May 1-7.

A celebration will be held May 6 at the Weber County Fairgrounds, located just north of the Defense Depot Ogden. Activities will include sport competitions, displays, pig wrestling, hay rides, buggy rides, a petting zoo, exhibits, live entertainment and rides for children.Last year, Defense Depot Ogden combined with the Ogden Chamber of Commerce, Union Station, and several federal agencies in northern Utah to sponsor Federal Employees' Appreciation Week. This year, all public service organizations have been encouraged to join the national recognition week.

"Public Service Recognition Week is a time set aside to pay tribute to the profession of public service, and to the unsung heroes and heroines that make up the public work force," said Joan Keston. She is executive director of the Public Employees Roundtable, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to informing Americans about the quality of people in government.