Heterosexual drug users are contracting and transmitting AIDS at a higher rate than homosexual men for the first time in state history, New York health officials reported Friday.

Because of the new trend, New York's current total of 23,720 AIDS cases, the highest number in the nation, is expected to more than double by 1991 and more than quadruple by the end of 1994.The increase in drug-related AIDS cases also appears to be the reason that, in 1988, more new cases of AIDS were reported in blacks than in whites for the first time in the state's seven years of tracking the deadly disease, state Health Department spokeswoman Frances Tarleton said.

Last year, the Health Department predicted the number of drug-related AIDS cases would remain well below the number of homosexual cases through at least 1991.

In a study published Friday, the department dramatically changed its predictions and predicted the number of new drug-related AIDS cases will continue growing faster than those in homosexuals.