The guns fell silent in Beirut Friday as Christian and Moslem forces welcomed an Arab League plan for a cease-fire aimed at ending six weeks of bloody fighting that has left at least 271 people dead.

The Arab League proposal was announced late Thursday at the end of an emergency foreign ministers' meeting in Tunis, Tunisia. It called for a cease-fire beginning at noon Friday (4 a.m. MDT), and the establishment of an Arab observer force to monitor the truce.Pro-Syrian Moslem leaders welcomed the plan, and Christian officals said it was a step in the right direction but voiced some reservations.

Arab League Secretary-General Chadli Klibi was appointed to put together the cease-fire observer force, league sources said. The Arab League also called for the lifting of all blockades on seaports and airports and the opening up of roads. The Christian government said Friday it would allow Beirut airport to re-open.