A Snake That Drinks Whisky

Mr. Owen Hatch, who keeps a small grocery store in this neighborhood, and vouch for the truth of this: Mr. Hatch sells liquor as well as family groceries. Keeping only a small stock of liquor on hand, he keeps most of it in jugs. One day last week a to-gallon jug of corn liquor was left sitting on the floor behind the counter. Mr. Hatch stepped behind the counter and was surprised to see a large black snake coiled around the jug with his head inside. He watched it for a moment and soon discovered that the snake was drinking liquor. It was not disturbed, and after several minutes it slowly uncoiled itself from the jug and attempted to crawl away, but was too drunk, and stretched itself out on the floor, where it remained apparently asleep, until next day. Mr. Hatch examined the jug and found the snake had drunk more than a quart of liquor. Two days later the same snake returned, and when it crawled under the counter Mr. Hatch watched it. By coiling itself around the jug and giving its neck a twist around the stopper it was able to remove the cork, and again thrust its head inside and began to drink liquor. It was allowed to drink its fill again, after which it was killed.

An Anti-coughing School

Among the many educational and other institutions of the great city of New York is an anti-cough school, or establishment for the prevention of coughing in public assemblies. Who has not been annoyed by the habit which many people have of coughing in concert at public gatherings, particularly in places of worship? One cough seems to suggest another, and a chorus of coughs goes up as soon as it is started.

In the New York anti-coughing school the pupils have to stand in a row, brace back their shoulders, hold up their chins and draw in their abdomens. Then they are required to sing some ditty in concert and must not cough under any circumstances. This performance is repeated three times a week. The results are said to be surprising. By the exertion of will the tendency of the throat to cough is overcome, and the exercise of the throat powers as well as the restraint is beneficial and effective.

An anti-coughing school would be a good institution for Salt lake as well as other parts of the country. But the tendency to indulge in unnecessary coughing, particularly in public, could certainly be overcome by individual effort. Try it and see.

A Fight

Peoria, Ill., 7 - Reddy Hennessy, of Brooklyn, and Dan Gallagher, of Fort Worth, Texas, fought a six-round battle, seven miles above this city, on Woodford County soil this morning. Notwithstanding a terrile foul blow struck by Gallagher th fight was declared a draw.

A Hard Set-to

Shamonkin, Pa., April 5 - A desperate prize fight of five rounds, with tight skin gloves, took place this morning between clipper Donahue, of Philadelphia, and Han Wilson, of Newark. The slugging was fierce throughout and both men were frightfully battered. In the last round Wilson struck Donahue below the belt and the referee gave the battle to the latter.