The CUP runneth full - but not over - Thursday before the House Appropriations Committee.

The massive Central Utah Project received that committee's stamp of approval for $143.8 million in construction money next year - the full amount proposed by the Reagan administration.The bill is expected to go before the full House in June. A Senate committee has been holding hearings on the appropriations, and is expected to act on them in the next few weeks.

The CUP's Bonneville Unit - which is designed to bring water from eastern Utah to the Wasatch Front - received the lion's share of the CUP's appropriation in the spending bill, $143.45 million.

Also, $100,000 was approved for the CUP's Uinta Unit and $245,000 for its Jensen Unit.

For non-CUP projects, the committee also approved $7.8 million for the Little Dell Dam, being constructed seven miles east of Salt Lake City by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the city's Metropolitan Water District and Salt Lake County.

Also in the bill were $100,000 for studies of the Sevier River drainage and $1.5 million for construction and rehabilitation of the Weber Basin Project.

The bill also provides $200,000 for Army Corps of Engineers investigations in the Bear River drainage.