East High School, which was apparently swindled out of $3,000 in yearbook advertising revenue, is asking local merchants and alumni to come to the aid of the 1989 Eastonian.

Dave Mickel said the school is accepting orders for ads, ranging in price from $35 to $195, for the yearbook until May 1.Last week, it was revealed that East and Bountiful high schools had been victims of a Las Vegas firm, which operated as both Educational Publications and Yearbook Publications. The firm bought pages in the yearbook and then sold advertising to local merchants.

However, the firm never paid the schools or delivered the ad copy. Its Las Vegas phone has been disconnected, and attempts to locate company officials have failed.

Bountiful's yearbook deadline has passed, but school officials say the merchants' ads will be honored in next year's yearbook. East will also honor all ads.

However, Mickel said, East is out $3,000, which is 15 percent of the total yearbook budget, and needs to recoup its loss or it will have to cut back on 1990 yearbook budget.