The City Council has responded to a petition signed by 14 people who want something done about the litter along the roadway to the new city landfill.

The petitioners , all of whom live along the road, asked city officials to enforce the law against scattering or tossing garbage on U.S. 132 leading to the dump, located in the foothills west of town.The council directed Mayor Boyd Park to instruct the city police to warn those traveling to the landfill that it is against the law and a fine can be levied for not covering garbage.

"The state statue reads that all garbage being transported must be covered," said City Attorney Don Eyre Jr.

The council will urge Juab County Sheriff Dave Carter to enforce the law outside the city limits.

Councilman Forrest Anderson suggested the council ask UDOT to put up signs along the state road, warning people to check their garbage loads to make sure items will not blow out on the way to the landfill and telling them about the fine for littering.