Lottery officials couldn't confirm Thursday that anyone won the record $100 million-plus Pennsylvania Super 7 lottery, but a group of Ohio factory employees told friends and relatives they had the winning numbers.

Officials have said two computer systems may need until Friday to complete a scan of all 87.3 million Super 7 plays this week and perform other security checks before any winning ticket in Wednesday's drawing can be validated.George Andersen, lottery deputy executive director, said Thursday morning he could not confirm that any potential winners had called lottery headquarters.

"We get a lot of calls, but there's been no claimants so far," Andersen told reporters outside lottery headquarters in Middletown. "We always receive crank and legitimate calls, all kinds of calls, even until the wee hours."

At Windham, Ohio, Janet Miller, office manager of the Harbison-Walker brick factory, said a foreman and 13 press mechanics set out for Harrisburg claiming to have a winning ticket as she pulled up to the plant Thursday morning.

"We're all excited about it," said Rudy Palya, closing manager for a grocery in Windham. "The customers all know, and they're talking about it in town and when they're coming through for groceries."

A receptionist at the factory said the workers each spent about $10 on tickets for the drawing.

Anderson said lottery officials would have an announcement later Thursday, but he refused to say what details would be disclosed.

The huge ticket sales mean the jackpot will be something higher than $100 million, lottery officials said. Andersen said the size of the final jackpot won't be known until the lottery receives bids from a pool of seven insurance companies for an annuity to cover the prize, payable in annual installments over 26 years.

The numbers, picked live on television, were 06; 16; 24; 34; 35; 37; 40; 41; 45; 60; 71. To win the grand prize, a ticket must contain seven of the 11 numbers. Six numbers carry a prize in the thousands. Having four numbers means a $7 prize.