The South Sanpete School District's 1989-90 wish list that came out of the cutting room bears little resemblance to the one that went in.

In fact, the budget was pared by about two-thirds - from $2,465,500 to $773,500 during the slashing process.The Ephraim Middle School is a case in point. The school needs a $320,000 classroom addition to provide for increased enrollment and avoid holding classes in hallways and the lunch area. Instead, it will get a portable classroom unit at a cost of $35,000.

Likewise, the Ephraim Elementary School will also get a portable unit but not the new roof at a price of $70,000.

But those are just a start.

Manti High School wants to stage its home athletic events on the campus instead of traveling eight miles to the Snow College field. But the $10,000 needed to make it possible isn't there. Nor is the $150,000 an all-weather track would cost.

Manti High will get a 12-passenger van, however. The van will serve a dual role - both for driver education and for taking basketball teams and forensics squads to out-of-town competition.

Four schools will also get natural gas water heaters at a cost of $2,000 each, and three schools will get their parking lots sealed.

The budget's biggest capital expenditure will be $550,000 to cover the principal and interest payments on a debt mainly incurred in a district building program. The district will also spend $105,000 for two buses that will replace other vehicles in the fleet. One will be a regular-size bus, the other a specially equipped small bus that will transport handicapped students to and from school.



S. Sanpete District wish list

-New classroom -Portable classroom

($320,000) ($35,000)

-New roof at -Portable classroom

Emphraim Elem.


-New football field -not funded


-All-weather track -not funded


-Total request:

$773,500 -$2,465,500