A nationwide search to find the "perfect burger," has led to Hudson's Hamburgers in downtown Coeur d'Alene.

Hudson's is one of three burger shops featured prominently in a recent edition of USA Today.In celebration of the 100th birthday of the hamburger, the newspaper asked readers to submit nominations for their favorite patty in a bun.

Post Falls resident Margaret O'Malley sent in her praises of the fresh-ground patties, grill-toasted buns and tangy sauces that have gained local fame since the shop opened in 1907.

"I was really pleasantly surprised," said owner Roger Hudson, who expected little more than a brief mention and perhaps a photo "one-inch square."

Oldtimers can still remember when Hudson's grandfather, Harley, sold them hamburgers for a dime from a tiny stand near the Northern Pacific railroad tracks.

A total of 24 hamburger shops, from 21 different states, were mentioned in the feature.