A distraught father who kept hospital workers and police at bay with a pistol while removing his hopelessly comatose child from a respirator, said "I did it because I loved my son."

The 15-month-old boy died in his father's arms about a half-hour after Rudy Linares walked into the Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke Hospital brandishing a .357 Magnum pistol."I'm not here to hurt anyone," a tearful Linares said Wednesday as he held little Samuel and waited for him to die. "I'll only hurt you if you try to plug my baby back in."

When the boy finally was pronounced dead, Linares surrendered peacefully to police. As he was being led into the Harrison Area police station after his arrest, Linares shouted: "I did it because I loved my son, alright? I loved my son, alright? I love my wife."