"All aboard!"

That's the call that'll ring out as passengers get ready for a historic train ride from Salt Lake City to Ogden on the afternoon of May 12.That day, the AMICUS Club, a fund-raising organization of LDS Hospital, will join Ogden's Union Station in sponsoring a special 75-minute train ride between the two northern Utah cities as part of the grand opening celebration of the Spencer S. and Hope F. Eccles Railroad Center in Ogden.

The train will be Union Pacific's famous 8444 Steam Train, the last steam powered locomotive ever built by the American Locomotive Company. The 1944 engine was originally built to burn coal, but coal strikes during the 1950s led to its conversion into an oil-burning locomotive. The final regularly scheduled route of the old 8444 was in 1958.

Then the historic train was retired to make room for more modern and efficient vehicles.

Tickets for the historic train ride to Ogden cost $50 per person and can be purchased through the LDS Hospital-Deseret Foundation, 321-1775, or the Ogden Union Station, 629-8444. The ticket price includes a return trip via bus to Salt Lake the evening of May 12. Purchases are partially tax deductible.

Proceeds from the event will be used to support medical research and education at LDS Hospital, and to support the continued development of Union Station in Ogden.