Additional traffic officers will be on West Jordan streets soon to counter a steady increase in the number of drunken driving arrests and traffic accidents.

Public Safety Director Kal O. Farr said the number of traffic arrests in West Jordan has increased dramatically since 1981 while the size of the police force has increased very little.In an effort to get drivers to pay closer attention to traffic laws, traffic officers will begin working overtime shifts on a regular basis beginning April 1. A total of five work hours will be added citywide during each 24-hour period. The city has not increased the department's payroll budget to cover the additional shifts, so the department will have to depend on revenues from citations to cover the cost of keeping the additional officers on the street, Farr said.

Officers wrote a total of 8,188 traffic citations in 1987 1,700 more than than in 1986. DUI arrests accounted for 336 of the 1987 total, up 55 from the year before.

The additional officers will be assigned strictly to traffic enforcement, mostly at the intersections of the city's major streets 70th, 78th and 90th South; and 32nd and 13th West and Redwood Road.