South Salt Lake and Salt Lake County have agreed not to let a boundary squabble over a proposed annexation interfere with an industrial expansion project that sparked the dispute.

Asarco Inc., a testing laboratory, wants to build a $1 million corporate headquaters and expansion of its labs at 3422 s. Seventh West. South Salt Lake wants to annex the property, but the county objects.Sensing the potential for conflict, company officials notified the two governments that Asarco would relocate its operation to another state rather than allow a boundary fight to interfere with expansion plans.

As a result, the two governments have agreed to let Asarco proceed while they settle their differences through an appeals board, the Salt Lake County Boundary Commission.

South Salt Lake wants to annex the property to increase its tax base. The county objects but says the breaching of a clear boundary at 33rd South, not erosion of county tax base, is the main issue.