DEAR ABBY: Just a note to give you a report on your column concerning body donations to medical schools. Since that column appeared on Nov. 30, we have received more than 2,500 requests for medical school addresses from every state in the union, and they are still coming in.

I doubt if you realize how much this has helped our senior citizens' planning, as every year funeral expenses become a more serious concern for them.Every time you publish that beautiful piece, "To Remember Me" by Robert Test, and ask your readers to contact us for donor registration forms and information, we are inundated.

Please don't forget us the week of April 23, Abby. It's been designated as National Organ/Tissue Donor Awareness Week. - BRUCE B. CONWAY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, THE LIVING BANK, HOUSTON

DEAR BRUCE: Forget you? Never! First, that magnificent piece:

Donor forms are available by writing to: The Living Bank, P.O. Box 6725, Houston, TX 77265. I have carried a donor card for more than 15 years and feel there is nothing I can leave after my death that will be of greater value.

This is strictly a non-profit organization, operating on a shoestring as a public service, so please be a sport and send a dollar or two along with your request. It's tax deductible.

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