State officials, in an effort to entice more European tourists to Utah, are leading 11 travel officials from the United Kingdom on a guided tour this weekend.

Later this summer they plan similar tours for Dutch, Belgian and West German officials.Pam Barber, state industry development director, said all the officials are in the travel and tourism industry and have the ability to influence the travel plans of tourists.

"We're hoping they'll learn some new things in Utah that will appeal to their clients," she said, noting that many of the officials already distribute brochures that promote Utah.

Meanwhile, several Utahns will soon travel to Great Britain to meet with travel industry officials.

Barber said the state's international office is concentrating on bringing Asian tourists to Utah. Gov. Norm Bangerter recently visited the Orient partly to promote the state's tourist industry.

The Foremost West, a company that contracts with the state to promote Utah abroad, said the state was visited by 55,900 British tourists in 1987, the latest year for which figures are available. West German tourists were the leading overseas visitors to Utah, with 76,200 visiting the state. However, 104,000 Canadians came to Utah in 1987, leading all foreign countries.

The British officials will arrive in Utah on Wednesday. State officials will escort them through Salt Lake City, Provo, Lake Powell, Panorama Land, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks, and put them on a plane home May 3.



Who visits Utah?

Estimated number of foreign tourists visiting in 1987:

Canadian 104,000 West German 76,200

British 55,900

Mexican 26,900

Scandinavian 21,900

Japanese 21,300

French 19,600

Italian 12,500

Pacific Islanders 11,200

Belgian 5,000