Rep. Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., who raised questions about the ethics of House Speaker Jim Wright, found himself fending off queries about the financial arrangements for his own book deal.

Rejecting comparisons with Wright's publishing deal, Gingrich declared he and his wife, Marianne, tried hard not to violate congressional ethics rules."It is very clear that we bent over backward" to comply with the rules, Gingrich said.

The Gingriches met with reporters Tuesday to release details about an unusual partnership created in 1984 to promote sales of his book, "Window of Opportunity."

Gingrich stressed that all information about the partnership was made public on financial disclosure reports.

During tough questioning at the news conference, Marianne Gingrich left in tears. She complained that she had gone to great effort to gather detailed information on the partnership and became upset at the direction of the reporters' questions.

Meanwhile, investors who could provide the last piece of the puzzle in the ethics case of Wright have abruptly stopped cooperating with investigators looking into how he profited handsomely from a nonproducing gas well.

The chairman and vice chairman of the ethics committee, who had traveled to San Antonio, Texas, to interview businessmen involved in the drilling venture, returned to Washington without completing their inquiry.