Some 60 Western and 30 Chinese photographers are traveling to China to work on "A Day in the Life of China," the ninth in a series of "A Day in the Life" books that have sold, so far, more than 2 million copies worldwide.

Among those traveling from the West are Jodi Cobb of National Geographic and Sebastiao Salgado of Magnum, along with a relative newcomer, Paul Sancya of the Gary (Ind.) Post-Tribune.Sancya was one of 99 young photographers who, in October 1988, attended the Eddie Adams Workshop, a special session for photojournalists with fewer than two years' experience. Sancya was named to the "A Day in the Life" assignment at the end of the workshop.

The China project, organized by Rick Smolan and David Cohen of Collins Publishers, in association with several Oriental publishing concerns, is to be published in the United States on Oct. 1 to mark the 40th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

The China trip includes a scheduled series of briefings in Beijing, followed by research and scouting of individual assignments. All of this leads up to Shoot Day.

On that day, the photographers are to fan out across the nation and snap about 150,000 photographs on assignments ranging from a village wedding in Zichang to life aboard a Yangtze River passenger liner.

Other books in the series focused on Australia, Hawaii, Canada, Japan, the United States, the Soviet Union, Spain and California.

- FREE STUFFED TOYS: Kodak is going into the toy business - sort of.

Consumers can get free, by mail, up to four durable plush toys in exchange for proofs of purchase from selected products and processing.

The promotion runs through the end of the year.

The stuffed animals are appropriately named Zoom, Flash, Click and Snap. Check your local Kodak dealer for details, or look in Sunday newspapers of April 16 and June 18 for more information.

- NEW PRODUCTS: Photographic products either just introduced or soon to arrive include a new film from Polaroid and new cameras and films from Kodak.

I took a sneak peek at the cameras, and they are very exciting indeed, especially for the amateur. At least one has a really revolutionary feature for point-and-shoot cameras. More on that later.

If you still make your own black-and-white prints, take a look at the new Ilford Multigrade III RC Deluxe paper. Among the touted features: six full-contrast ranges from 0 to a true grade 5; rich, neutral blacks for the widest possible tonal range and well-defined shadow detail; improved safelight safety; superior latent image, which allows processing up to 36 hours after exposure without loss of quality; non-migrating optical brighteners and improved gloss.

- PRICE RISE: I suppose it had to come: Agfa, which not long ago announced a number of new improved films, announced price increases of 2 percent to 5 percent on most of its photographic films and paper products.