The NCAA's Committee on Infractions on Saturday heard 12 hours of testimony on seven allegations against Kentucky's basketball program and dropped three other charges.

The committee adjourned just before 10:30 p.m. EDT after wrapping up the part of the hearing concerning student-athletes. The panel was scheduled to reconvene at 8:30 a.m. Sunday to hear the remaining eight allegations, plus an inquiry about supplemental pay to two coaches.Charges that recruit Sean Higgins was offered money and was improperly recruited by then-assistant coach Dwane Casey and that talent scout Bill Chupil provided Columbus, Ohio, high school player Lawrence Funderburke improper transportation were dismissed, said Terry McBrayer, attorney for former head coach Eddie Sutton and Sutton's son Sean.

The NCAA enforcement staff maintained its allegation that Casey sent $1,000 to the father of a recruit last year, according to Casey's attorney, Joe Bill Campbell.

"The enforcement staff has not changed their position," Campbell told reporters at a mid-afternoon break at the Mills House hotel, the site of the hearing.

The committee convened at 8:50 a.m., and by noon, the five members had listened to testimony on only one of the 18 allegations against Kentucky's basketball program.

The hearing was closed to the public.

According to NCAA investigators, Casey mailed a videotape to Claud Mills, father of recruit Chris Mills, in an Emery envelope in late March 1988. The package came open and allegedly revealed 50 $20 bills.

Campbell would not predict the committee's interpretation of the evidence.

"They know how they viewed the evidence," he said. "They're all fair-minded people. . . . I think they'll do what they believe is right in accordance with the evidence."

But McBrayer thought the committee was "intrigued with the (NCAA's) lack of evidence" in the Emery allegation.

"There's ... some gaps in all of that," he said. "They're concerned by all of that."

Chris Mills, who was not accompanied by a lawyer, appeared before the committee in the morning session.

"I didn't say a thing," he said of the proceeding. "I just listened."