If you thought the sequel to "Crocodile Dundee" was good, you probably won't want to see "Crocodile Blondie."

The curious who do want to see it may have to wait, though, because Orem police recently confiscated it and 50 other video-cassette tapes from a rental store in southeast Orem. Police say some of them violate state pornography laws.Business owner Mark Greer says he doesn't have time to review all his store's offerings. I mean, how many librarians have time to read every book in their libraries?

When the movies were stocked, Greer says, he didn't think they were pornographic, despite their titles. After all, you don't want to judge a book by its cover . . . or a video by its name and provocative packaging.

But I can't help but wonder about video tapes whose covers feature young maidens in various stages of undress and have such interesting names as "Sexaholics," "Debbie Does Dallas 4," "Hometown Honeys 2" and "House of Blue Dreams."

Maybe I've just got a dirty mind.

Since news surfaced last month about the confiscation of videos, several other area video-shop owners have been calling police to ask just what are the limits of art.

Many local residents probably doubt that much of a local market exists for such videos. But it took Orem police a couple of trips to the store to gather all 51 videos, because several of them were checked out when officers first attempted to pick them up for official perusal.

"They really are rented. Apparently, they're popular," Orem police spokesman Gerald Nielsen said.

A local video store owner, who requested anonymity, agrees. "They're extremely popular. That's why we have them," said the shop owner. "Basically, we're just supplying what people want."

And who wants to rent such videos?

"Usually, they're nice people who bring the movies back on time. Sleazy people rent the horror movies."

The shop owner says he has demands for "hundreds" more of the videos, even though he said the movies probably are socially destructive because of the perverse behavior they depict.

But hey, a guy's got to make a living.

"I don't watch them. I just distribute them," the shop owner said. "This type of movie makes money. Absolutely."

Rape, sexual abuse and incest may be criminal, but apparently they're also entertainment.

Just ask Ted Bundy the next time you see him.