Surveying the visitors' locker room in the Forum Tuesday night after the Jazz's upset of the Lakers, Marc Iavaroni detected little celebrating. He liked that.

"I think the guys on this team are very aware there's a lot of work to be done," he said.Iavaroni was a starting forward for Philadelphia in 1983 when the 76ers defeated the Lakers in the NBA Finals. His season high of 17 points came in the Forum in January and he delivered 12 points in the first half of Game 2, helping the Jazz to a 54-43 lead. When the Lakers came within two points with 4:31 left in the second quarter, Iavaroni hit a short bank shot for a three-point play that sent the Jazz on a 15-6 run to close the half.

"Nothing fancy," Iavaroni said of his offensive display, after having scored 14 points in the previous five playoff games. "Just get the ball inside and shoot the ball . . . Sometimes, I don't look for the ball. I'm kind of unconscious on offense. Tonight, I was unconscious, shooting the ball."

Said teammate Mark Eaton, "He was crazy with some of that stuff, wasn't he?"

Iavaroni took no shots in seven minutes in the second half, but he'd loosened up the Laker defense - Magic Johnson even guarded him

on the perimeter.