Billy Martin would rather fight than switch his story about a weekend incident at a topless bar.

Texas police concluded Tuesday it was Martin, not someone else, who threw the only punch that started a scuffle Friday night.But the New York Yankees' manager is sticking to his version - that he was the victim, not the instigator, in the restroom at Lace, a nightclub in Arlington.

"I don't care what the police report said," Martin said. "How many policemen are in jail for lying?

"You've got the honest answer," he said. "I'd take a lie detector test."

Martin held a news conference prior to Tuesday night's game against Chicago. It was announced beforehand that Martin would not talk about the incident, although he did.

Martin wore a small bandage on the left side of his face, but it did not hide all of the gashes and scrapes. The inside of his ear was bloody and there were marks from a 40-stitch cut. No cameras were allowed to film the gathering.

"I feel fine. I just don't look fine," he said later. "I'm not going to win any beauty contests."

Earlier Tuesday, police in Arlington finished their report of the incident which took place hours after the Yankees lost 7-6 to Texas and Martin and first baseman Don Mattingly were ejected during a ninth-inning rally.

"We have closed our case and unfounded the assault," police spokesman Dee Anderson said.

Three witnesses, including a present and past employee of Lace, were interviewed by police. "All of their stories were the same," police said.

Police said there was "no evidence" Martin was attacked by two men as he had said. Instead, the report said the altercation began when Martin insulted a man and then hit him in the jaw.

The report said Martin's injuries occurred when he was thrown out of the bar and his head hit a wall.

Martin, however, maintains he was jumped from behind and assaulted.

"I'm telling the truth. Period," Martin said. "I have no reason to lie.

"A lot of rumors have been surfacing, none of them with much foundation."

The Yankees, leading the American League East, lost three straight games in Texas.